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by Janice on 10/01/2012

I’m likely to go to a day 31 on Bootcamp, as I still have to finish organizing my craft room, and a final tidy of the storage room (so maybe day 32?).

I’ve been avoiding the office. It’s a major bone of contention between MJP and I. He had 4 records boxes of old papers, receipts, magazines and other paper products stuffed under his desk in our office. They’ve been gathering dust and spider webs since we moved in almost 4 years ago.

To support my argument, I first visited the CRA site to validate their policy on record storage. Big yawn. And without cracking open our copy of the income tax act (?), I can’t figure out what any of the limits are. I then stumbled across this great list of suggestions from the Mrs. January blog. I followed the advice and went through the files we currently have in our cabinet, reducing the bulk to a more manageable level.

We pushed through yesterday and MJP recycled 3 boxes full of paper, and we subdivided another box for shredding. We also condensed 20 different mishmash files of tax info into year by year records. The office looks terrific and is ready to be moved up to the current guest room den. We are hoping to make this happen before my parents arrive at our place on Hallowe’en, but I have to paint the room first, and MJP has to rip out the nasty carpet and paint the floors upstairs before we can move the furniture.

tidied book shelves

I also can’t wait to paint out these dark pink/brown walls to a much more calming ‘Pavilion Gray’.

pavilion gray

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