mini books for 18″ dolls – mostly recycled

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by Janice on 01/30/2013

Not surprisingly, the next rainy day came fairly quickly (winter in North Vancouver is like that) and the girls and I were able to finish these miniature books for their dolls. They easily fit in the back pocket of the doll messenger bags and the girls played library and going to school for the better part of a rainy weekend.

The downside to this craft was that the execution wasn’t very kid friendly. They were limited to selecting the books to scan and ‘helping’ with the craft glue. There was a tutorial on you-tube that I started from. After our big purge of books this summer, I didn’t have any paperbacks left to cut up. Also, my stomach clenches at the thought of cutting up a book, so I used an old magazine for some of the mini books instead. The girls requested that other versions have pages to write on, so I used the top part of those real estate agent writing pads that keep ending up in our mailbox (only the one side has writing on it). We set aside the lower part of these writing pads to continue on their destiny as grocery lists.

In the original tutorial, I believe she scanned the front cover, back and spine separately. I sacrificed the spine clarity for speed, and just lay the book flat on the scanning bed. I used thick, photographic paper for the covers and shrank them down to approximate 2 – 2.5 inches (5 to 6 cm) in height. The cover’s don’t photograph well, but are better reproductions of real book covers. For the girl’s namesake fairy books, I also included the first and last few pages of the books (shown below). The process was fiddle-y more than time consuming, but given the joy the girls got out of playing with them, this may turn into our go to present for friend birthdays as well.

books for Georgia's dolls

some of Georgia’s dolls books

projects 016

books for Ava’s dolls

inside of fairy book - real text!

inside of fairy book – real text!

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