day 28: a plan for the basement (and other spaces)

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by Janice on 08/01/2012

Our basement is still a mess. One of the main issues is the integration of my online store into my personal craft space. And I had left MJP’s ‘mancave’ to his devices. This has resulted in 4 boxes of electronics that have never been dealt with, and a bowflex that can’t be used because there isn’t enough space.

With 4 weeks off in August this summer, I plan to finish our purge, switch the toy room to the downstairs rec room, move our office upstairs and the guestroom / den to the office space on the main floor, and most importantly, switch my craft room from the rec room to the man cave. Whew!

I spent a bit of time using an old version of the ikea home planner and am quite pleased with the way this in house move can work. Because there are so many pieces of (heavy) furniture involved, I am currently sourcing local moving companies to come in and move around the six rooms. In advance of that, I’ll have to purge and pack up all of the books, toys and other items to ensure I am not paying them to move the small stuff. Here are a few before pictures to underscore why I’m so keen to work through this…

My stash room disaster!

Back of the man cave

Buckets of electronics



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