day 9: the elephant in the rec room

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by Janice on 02/27/2012

Up until I went back to work last August, I ran a small business that sold organic and sustainable yarns, fabrics and notions. While that has devolved to an Etsy store, I have effectively closed the business and am not bringing in any new stock. I’m finding it overwhelming to attend to orders from the store on my day “off” and on weekends, so I’m currently planning to close out the Etsy store. The remaining stock fills our 6.71 m x 3.86 m (22′ x 12’8) rec room. A room that I would REALLY like back for an exercise room and toy room. When I close the Etsy store, what is left as stock will amalgamate into my personal stash (with the appropriate accounting, of course – that’s for Crono).

My Dad found this mug trivet about fabric at a garage sale. I have always resembled it, but now it’s almost painful how much it is true. In line with the  30 day bootcamp concept, I have drafted a plan to help me deal with the store stock:

  1. Go through all of the items and plan the projects that I am absolutely sure I will complete in the next year (or so).
  2. Set aside the items that count as craft room ‘pantry’ basics (batting, thread, lining, knitting needles, interfacing, etc.), and that I have a place for in my new craft room.
  3. Take note of the patterns or notions I need to complete the projects. Set those aside as well.
  4. Ruthlessly go through my personal stash to make sure that both fit into the closet I’ve designated for storage in my future hobby room.
  5. Donate the remaining personal stash to the local Thrift Store.
  6. Have a party for friends and friends of friends, offering 60% off the retail price,to divest of as much of the stock as I can.
  7. Fire sale the remaining stock on Etsy at 60% off.

The party is set to happen on March 30th, and there is nothing like a deadline to focus the mind. Today I cut my personal stash of yarn, fabric, books and patterns by a third, had a crafty friend over to figure out what she or her Mom could use, and bagged up the rest for the thrift store. I will attempt one more reduction of personal stash items before the 30th, because, I know I wasn’t disciplined enough to thrift or give away all that I should have – who could give away these elephants! It’s nice to see the space open up in the rec room and there were 3 bags of yarn and fabric,  and two small bags of books heading to the staging area, while 34 magazines went into the recycling!

Organic Elephant fabric by Sprout Design

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