day 10: junk drawer

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by Janice on 02/28/2012

We have a few of these, but I managed to push through 2 in 30 minutes. Crono likes to just empty his pockets each evening without sorting through his receipts, change, or even tissues (not used). This adds up and we found expired lottery tickets (which I wasn’t brave enough to check), loads more change, trash, and receipts for his expenses. The latter is what thwarts most of my efforts to control his stashes. Throwing out legitimate expense receipts is like throwing out cash, so I’m always hesitant to touch his ‘junk’ : ).

When we waded through it, we hadn’t won millions, but the drawer looks great and when added to the cache I’ve collected from other drawers, we rolled $632.50 in change! We also had to laugh when our 7 year old yelled “I need more rolling papers” – for the nickels, of course, but you’ll see we switched to plastic! We worked on it as a family, and it was great counting and sorting practice for the girls. I’ve recently set up new bank accounts for them, so plan to split this for deposit into each of their accounts.

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