30 day bootcamp

Six months after I went back to work part time, I was frustrated by the mess I could never seem to conquer. Through the Minimalist Mom site, I found the 30 Day Clutter Bootcamp at the Minimalist Packrat blog, and decided to give it a try.

day 31 (?) – a working craft room

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by Janice on 12/02/2012

With my parents visiting for a week, I took two days away from work, while they helped me finish up most of the organizing in my craft room. I had a great time utilizing the new space to knock off (most) of my list of projects for Christmas. We sent a large box of quilting […]


day 30 – office (finally)

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by Janice on 10/01/2012

I’m likely to go to a day 31 on Bootcamp, as I still have to finish organizing my craft room, and a final tidy of the storage room (so maybe day 32?). I’ve been avoiding the office. It’s a major bone of contention between MJP and I. He had 4 records boxes of old papers, […]


Day 29 has really been about 6 days long and has involved culling 4 boxes of Christmas decorations, two more bags of yarn and fabric, 4 boxes of electronics (and cords, etc.), painting an entire basement (about 1200 square feet) and moving two rooms full of furniture. MJP has been incredibly supportive, and I think, […]


Our basement is still a mess. One of the main issues is the integration of my online store into my personal craft space. And I had left MJP’s ‘mancave’ to his devices. This has resulted in 4 boxes of electronics that have never been dealt with, and a bowflex that can’t be used because there […]

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happy books

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by Janice on 07/05/2012

“A library book, I imagine, is a happy book.” ~ Cornelia Funk

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june additions and subtractions

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by Janice on 06/30/2012

I went AWOL from Bootcamp during the month of June, when we welcomed a new member of our family – an 11 week old cocker spaniel that we named Finley.

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