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by Janice on 07/05/2012

“A library book, I imagine, is a happy book.” ~ Cornelia Funk

We are very fortunate that our local librar(ies) sponsor a kids’ program called the ‘Summer Reading Club‘. This is the second year we have participated, and the gist is that kids read (or are read to) a minimum of 15 minutes per day, each day of the summer. They document their reading in a log, and at the completion of each week, they can receive a stamp and prize, such as a bookmark or a poster. After 50 days of reading they can either choose a new paperback or an achievement medal. Their accomplishment is also published in their first public school newsletter.

Our youngest began reading on her own a few months before school ended. Our eldest only really started to tackle chapter books in grade 2, so it has been fantastic to watch how reinforcing this program is for their newly acquired skills. The challenge for me is that I have historically bought most of their books, and my goal for this summer is to only use books from the library.

The upside is that I have rediscovered my local library, and my girls couldn’t be more thrilled. With the many options available for locating and placing books on hold, the girls love to show up each Friday to pick up their new books. So far, we have reserved the Elephant & Piggy series, and the remainder of the Pigeon series by Mo Willems; the Babymouse and Squish series; and are trying out several new series of books, including Emily Windsnap, Dragonsbreath and Clarice Bean (we already love Charlie and Lola).

The only downside for my OCD self, is that I also happened upon a link about the prevention program for bed bugs in library books. Ugh. Maybe it’s time to upgrade to Kobo readers for the kids too (kidding, sort of).

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