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by Janice on 10/04/2012

Over a month ago, I promised a tutorial for the handmade maileg mouse dresses. To expedite this, I’ve uploaded the pictures I took while assembling. If you have any questions, please add them in the comments. n/b I follow a ‘good enough’ sewing strategy. For example, all of the thread is white, I don’t finish seams on doll clothes, and pinning is optional.

sketch of dress patterns




little or big sister nightgown

hem arm edges


create 1/4″ elastic casing on top of bodice


hem skirt and gather stitch waist


sew side seam and finger press


gather skirt, pin and sew to bodice


finger press waist up


sew side seam, use darning needle to insert elastic


thread elastic through both sides


for sleeveless nightgown, complete steps for bodice, then hem


add sleeves to the nightgown by sewing 1″ by1″ rectangles to the bodice

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