handmade clothes for maileg mice

little sister with nightgown

by Janice on 08/15/2012

We are going to see friends up on Savary Island this weekend, and are very excited to be visiting the “Hawaii of the north”.

The girls we are visiting are about the same age as ours (give or take 6 months either way), and also from Deep Cove. Finding the perfect gift in the Cove, means a visit to Room6, and I trekked down to find a thank you gift for the girls. The Maileg mice have been a big hit in our house, and I found a big sister in jammies and a skirt for their girls, and new little sisters as a treat for my girls.

We have to go in by boat to Savary,  so I’m doing my best to pack light. Instead of bringing additional toys, I thought it might be fun to expand the wardrobe for the mice. I ended up making 4 dresses for the big sisters and 3 little dresses for the little sisters. Very fun to do – though you will note that I follow a ‘good enough’ sewing strategy. For example, all of the thread is white, I don’t finish seams on doll clothes, and pinning is optional. Here are the finished results and I hope to have  a tutorial up next week for the patterns and steps to making the dresses.

I’m slightly worried that their Mom, an accomplished sew-ist , will likely be horrified by my shortcuts!



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