Day 29: Basement Moving Day (and Painting Day!)

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by Janice on 08/26/2012

Day 29 has really been about 6 days long and has involved culling 4 boxes of Christmas decorations, two more bags of yarn and fabric, 4 boxes of electronics (and cords, etc.), painting an entire basement (about 1200 square feet) and moving two rooms full of furniture.

MJP has been incredibly supportive, and I think, has figured out that switching out the rooms will give him proper space to use the Bowflex, a decluttered media room (man cave) and even to get rid of this purple wall! After 10 years of marriage he also really understands the happy wife, happy life concept! My sister has helped me paint, (Wimborne White shown below) and with the bulkheads, we’ve decided that my craft room has 10 foot ceilings (yay, but not if you are painting it). I am also excited to paint the dated, bleached oak mini bar are in Arsenic and update it with crystal door and drawer handles.


This Wednesday, I am going to unpack my new craft room, and Thursday, while the girls are at a sleepover, we are going to move all of the toys downstairs to the man / kid cave. I am also super excited because MJP has one more week of holiday and will have time to finish out the play room under the stairs. I’m not done with the Bootcamp journey, and still have to tackle the office and the spare room declutter / moves. It is an amazing feeling though, to be this side of Bootcamp, and to see my family reaping the benefits and a simpler, decluttered space!

I hope to post pictures by the end of this week.


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