even mini-er lickety split bags

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by Janice on 03/27/2016

My tween girls are given a weekly allowance for helping out around the house, which I have been transferring into their accounts on a monthly basis. They were given proper wallets for Christmas to house their newly minted new bank cards (very exciting), so had requested ‘real purses’ to take all of this new responsibility on […]


As noted in my last post, this is the second option for cover ups for my girls. I wanted a knit version and had purchased 6 yards of this fabric from the ends bin at our local Fabricland – for $12! I chose the Girl’s Piko Top pattern from EYMM Modern Designs. I made the […]


We are headed somewhere sunny and the girls have the cutest red and white / navy and white swimsuit sets for the trip. Their plan is to spend most of the daylight hours at the pool – which works for us too! I thought it would be nice for them to have a couple of […]


My girls are pre-teens now, so it isn’t very often that I get to make baby clothes for friends and family. One of the Moms in my eldest daughter’s class is having her baby on February 11th, and it was the perfect opportunity to get back to sewing with knits. When my girls were little, […]


embroidered memory / address book

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by Janice on 01/30/2016

My youngest daughter has made a very special friend at school over the last two years. She had arrived from South Korea to spend 2 years within an English school and hone her language skills. This Friday marked her last day at school and she and my daughter are very sad to leave each other. […]


holiday fun

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by Janice on 12/10/2015

MJP is currently cursing Pinterest a bit, however, he was kind enough to indulge me and make this Christmas tree decoration for our wall this year! I love the results. The only challenge is that our Havanese adolescent puppy keeps pulling the ornaments off of the bottom branches. Getting the decorations up always helps the […]