day 31 (?) – a working craft room

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by Janice on 12/02/2012

With my parents visiting for a week, I took two days away from work, while they helped me finish up most of the organizing in my craft room. I had a great time utilizing the new space to knock off (most) of my list of projects for Christmas.

We sent a large box of quilting fabric, craft supplies and other notions to my parent’s home in Ontario, as my Mom could use it up for their Church’s Christmas Craft Bazaar. We had another two bags of craft batting and fabrics that I deemed I wouldn’t use in the next two years (my criteria for culling), that went to a friend’s Mom who is very crafty. With another coat of Farrow and Ball Arsenic paint on the ‘bar’ turned craft cupboard, I am fairly pleased with the results!

'bar' in man cave transformed to cute storage for craft room

‘bar’ in man cave transformed to cute storage for craft room

We also have a walk in closet in the man cave/new craft room that had been crammed full of electronics and luggage, and anything else that we could fit in. With our big purge in the summer, I now had an empty closet and was able to organize the remaining inventory I have for my etsy store, which makes it easier for me to track what is my personal stash and what is for the store.


man cave junk closet to store inventory hub

man cave junk closet to store inventory hub

MJP moved my upright fabric racks to the walk in closet, and to the side wall of my new craft room. The racks are great to help keep the rolls of home decorating fabric and stash from getting dirty or wrinkled. I had also ordered these plastic fabric organizers, after reading about them on the cottage home blog. They have been a wonderful way to take my favourite fabrics from their burial in stash buckets, into the light, where I can better consider which projects to start next. The black baskets on the shelves in the first picture below are filled with embroidery supplies and patterns, and the baskets on the wall shelf unit at the back of the room in the second picture, house what is left of my yarn stash.

organized fabric

organized fabric!

craft room

new craft room (still a bit messy)

Last but not least, MJP was thrilled when we finished up with the rec room for him. In the previous set up, he could not use his Bowflex at all and the room could barely be navigated to turn the TV on during his workouts. As a final touch, I have been researching wireless headphones (likely for Valentines Day) to help make his workouts even more enjoyable.

before and after rec room

Before and After Rec Room

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