their inner voice, a new year perspective

the way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice

by Janice on 01/01/2016

Today on Facebook, I came across the Peggy O’Mara quote “The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice”. My lovely girls are generally just that. However, with pre-teen hormones kicking in, I have noticed an increase in drama and volume in the way they speak to each other. My husband and I recently reminded each other that it’s our job to remain calm when they aren’t – ensuring we use the right words when we are handling these situations – not always easy in the midst of this dramatic overload.

For me, this segued into reflecting about what I would hope to do differently in 2016 and in the interest of keeping myself honest, here is my list:

For home and family:

  1. remember to ‘be the parent’ when handling my girls drama
  2. remember that what I say is their inner voice
  3. work out 3 times a week
  4. walk the dogs 3 times a week, and at least once in the forest
  5. play games with the girls
  6. eat more vegetables
  7. try a new recipe once every two weeks
  8. blog at least once a month

For crafts:

  1. learn to speed knit
  2. join and complete a mystery KAL
  3. use up 10% of stash
  4. learn to use my cover stitch machine
  5. finish or frog all of my ongoing knitting projects
  6. finish or put back into stash, all of my ongoing sewing projects
  7. finish my pixelated art quilt
  8. don’t get sucked into a Plucky yarn release

The last one might sound a bit too targeted, but for me, this is more a behavioural choice not to get caught up in wants versus needs (read: I don’t need any  more yarn).

For #2 on my craft list, I recently joined the Wild Prairie Knits Mystery KAL and am really excited to receive my yarn (see I’ve broken the needs versus wants thing already : ) ).

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