day 13: stash reduction doesn’t end in the staging area

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by Janice on 03/02/2012

Today is my day ‘off’, or when I return to my most demanding job, managing my home life. I spent the morning driving around and dropping items off – thanks again to Christine for assembling her resources list for Vancouver.

The list helped me make the following stops:

I would love to drop things off at boxes on my way to work because it would be easier to do it every day. This week, they were so full, people have started piling stuff outside of bins. Even though all of the signs say not to do this, or they will face a $2,000 fine. And if they read the signs, they wouldn’t include mattresses and a bicycle in the donation. While I appreciate that once all of the stuff is loaded in the car, finding out that the bins are full (or don’t accept the items you have) is frustrating. Not the best solution, but it’s about .2 km down the road to the dump from the bins I saw – then at least they wouldn’t be adding trash pick up for an already resource taxed charity organization.

With help from google, I found out that if your new mattress didn’t come from a store that will recycle your old one, Canadian Mattress Recycling will recycle it for $12, or pick it up from your house, starting at $72. And Vancouver Bicycle Recycling will pick up bicycles for repair and redistribution to the community. Which is good to know if we can’t find a home for our preschool bicycles later this year. Couldn’t resist the rant about this. I get that it’s hard to dispose of stash the right way, but I’m also finding it very rewarding to know that stash is going to good use.

stash dropped off today

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