day 0: stopping the stashing

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by Janice on 02/16/2012

I’m surrounded by inspiration, but corrupted by old habits. I’m fortunate to live next door to Christine of the 100 things in 100 days blog and have enjoyed watching her journey, and her destination of a less cluttered world. She has also put together an amazing list of recycling resources, which takes away my excuses for not wasting my stash on the dump.

I read the minimalist mom blog and find her simpler life (especially the paying off debt part) extremely motivating.

But the biggest trigger for me has been recognizing the modelling I am doing for my two girls. Given that they currently believe new clothes arrive by Canada Post monthly, and Disney Princess costumes grow on trees, I think it might be time for me to reevaluate where they are headed. When I add to that my belief that our consumerist lifestyle has been supported by cheap labour and poor environmental laws in the third world, I can’t ignore what I am guilty of.

I don’t believe I’m a packrat or a hoarder, as I generally give away anything the girls or I don’t use. It’s just that I keep buying things to fill the void! And we happen to have the closet and cupboard space to perpetuate this. I used the word stash because I am also an avid knitter, sewer and quilter. Outside of clothing for the girls, my biggest retail therapy crutch is fabric, yarn, sewing /knitting patterns and the notions to finish all of these new projects (that I often don’t start)!

So, here I go, hoping to redefine our habits, ultimately only adding to our stash of stuff for good use or good reason.

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