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by Janice on 08/12/2013

Now that both of the girls are interested in sewing, I have established set hours to help them with their projects, which I guess sounds a little bit harsh. At ages 8 and 7 though, I won’t let them use their machines unattended. Conversely, I also like to make progress on my own projects, so this is our compromise.

For G’s birthday last month, the daughter of a friend of mine (and fellow crafty Mom) gifted us a beautiful sewing kit for a felt, handmade raccoon stuffy. With my stash of felt and eyes, we were able to put together a second kit and the girls did a lovely job finishing their projects. There were a few glitches, including the use of permanent market to trace the pattern – and giant crocodile tears when Mom pointed out that the only way to fix it was to re-do it. It was a lesson in “life’s a journey” for me too (they didn’t re-do) as they were happy with the product, permanent red market and all!

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with the body parts from the 'made up' kit

excited about the ‘made up’ kit



also done!

also done!


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