day 3: my closet part 1

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by Janice on 02/21/2012

I currently can’t locate my electronic copy of the 30 Day bootcamp (perhaps a pc decluttering is also in order), so I decided to tackle the area I know best, my closet. I like clothes. I stayed at home for several years and had the casual wardrobe to match. These are the only explanations I can manage for the 12 pair of jeans and 6 pairs of cords that I own.

So I focused on my winter clothes, formal wear, as well as my shelf for shirts and sweaters. I selected 5 pairs of jeans, 4 pairs of cords, 6 dresses, 11 sweaters, 6 long sleeve shirts, 3 yoga jackets (I don’t leave the house for yoga), and 3 skirts. I can now see all of the shirts and sweaters I own and have added 2 bags of stuff to my staging area for donation.

Tomorrow, it’s summer clothes, shoes (yikes) and pajamas / lingerie – which begs the question, do you just throw lingerie out? Especially if you’ve been married 10 years…..

donate pile

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