day 23 the clearance sale

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by Janice on 04/02/2012

On day 9, I described the ‘elephant in my rec room‘ which in short, is my current hobby room.

My Aunt and parents were staying with us last week and they were a huge help in preparing the stock for the party/sale. I did another cull and drop off of items to our local thrift store – the results were fantastic as I have a much more realistic craft room. It was very satisfying to go back through my list of goals for the sale, and scratch off all but the last one:

  1. Go through all of the items and plan the projects that I am absolutely sure I will complete in the next year (or so).
  2. Set aside the items that count as craft room ‘pantry’ basics (batting, thread, lining, knitting needles, interfacing, etc.), and that I have a place for in my new craft room.
  3. Take note of the patterns or notions I need to complete the projects. Set those aside as well.
  4. Ruthlessly go through my personal stash to make sure that both fit into the closet I’ve designated for storage in my future hobby room.
  5. Donate the remaining personal stash to the local Thrift Store.
  6. Have a party for friends and friends of friends, offering 60% off the retail price,to divest of as much of the stock as I can.
  7. Fire sale the remaining stock on Etsy at 60% off.

The results of the sale were pretty fantastic – I sold just over $2,000 to the 20 or so friends and family who showed up for the sale! In addition, now that they know what I have, there has been another $1,000 in sales since then. The best part for me is that it went so well, I’m considering not running the fire sale on Etsy, leaving much more spare time available for me to commit to this project and working through my stash. Yay!

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