are vacations the definition of consumerism?

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by Janice on 04/19/2012

We just came back from 9 fantastic days in Maui! We haven’t taken a family vacation on our own since 2007, so it was much-needed time away together.

We stayed in a lovely 2 bedroom strata condo, right on the beach in Wailea. We had heard that Maui was expensive for eating out, and our goal was to eat in as much as possible. We did a pretty good job with this, and ate out twice for dinner and three times for lunch. The challenge we had, was not spending money on anything else.

It’s happened to me before, but what is it about being away that makes you feel detached from what you are buying? It’s as though you have the right to indulge given that you are escaping from reality. The girls weren’t quite old enough to hang out and look at fish all day in the ocean, so we found ourselves wandering over to the local shops to escape the mid day sun. This added up very quickly. When I checked our VISA balance on our return, I found that the personal austerity measures I had taken during Lent were completely wiped out by our consumerism based vacation! We are back to reality now in more ways than one.

One of the things I don’t regret spending on, were family photos on the beach! When I look at how relaxed we are, and how happy the girls look running in the waves, I’m thrilled that Karma captured our vacation so wonderfully.

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