giving up shopping for Lent

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by Janice on 03/04/2012

In keeping with the purpose of this project, I have decided to not purchase anything we don’t need during Lent (February 22nd to April 7th). Originally, I had planned to try this for the one month of Bootcamp, but realized that Lent dovetails nicely with the time until we leave for Hawaii. And is therefore a better test of my habit of stocking up for trips, or other changes we have in our lives.

A big step for me was to unsubscribe from all emails informing me of sales. I can’t imagine that the savings from these ever outweigh what I spend. So far, these are the stops I’ve made, adding to cart, but not checking out:

To confess, I do enjoy the exercise of adding to cart, so not sure if this is penance per se. I also ordered some samples of eco friendly flooring linoleum for the girl’s new playhouse under the stairs. At under $10 though, I can live with the lapse.

things I haven’t bought….

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