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by Janice on 04/25/2012

We have the most wonderful caregiver. She has made it possible for me to return to work, (virtually) guilt free, as I know the girls have the best possible care before and after school.

With the girls in school full-time this year, we agreed that she would help with day-to-day house keeping to supplement her hours with us. This makes our list of errands and chores on the weekends much shorter, giving us more time to relax together as a family. It turns out, she enjoys these tasks more than childcare, and recently, she has decided to retrain as a home organizer. She asked if she could start with our home. Really.

Vacation, and dealing with back to work after vacation, were consuming most of our life lately, so the timing of her offer couldn’t be better. I have covered most of the personal areas of our home, so it’s also the perfect time to hand over some of the remaining problem areas. This past few weeks, she has:

  • tackled our laundry room;
  • spent 3 afternoons in the most controversial areas of our kitchen;
  • transitioned the girls’ closets from winter to summer clothes;
  • complete a third review of the state of our toy room.

While we don’t always agree on where things should end up, the real value is in the fresh perspective on what you should keep or get rid of. In particular, the kitchen items I was dreading negotiating with MJP, he seemed to just accept were out the door when suggested by a third party. I look forward to watching her journey to her new career choice, and given the number of friends and family interested in her help, I’m hoping we can help her build a portfolio of work as she transitions away from childcare.

It looks as though the rates vary between $30-$60 / hour to have a personal organizer in Vancouver. I’m not sure I would use one for my entire house, but can absolutely see the value in attacking the problem areas or, for busy working parents to help ‘reset’ their clutter.

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