day 18: kitchen gadget stalemate

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by Janice on 03/11/2012

MJP and I had a very brief discussion on this topic:

JAA: “I wanted to ask you about the kitchen gadgets…….”

MJP (interrupting): “We do not have too many, you already got rid of the extra spices, we have enough cupboard space…..,”

JAA (also interrupting): “Let me finish. I think we are fine with where things are. I just don’t believe we need anything else.”

He agreed, but this conversation says it all, on many levels. We have loads of cupboard space throughout our house and have a particularly well endowed kitchen. Our girls have one pantry section to themselves for crafts. We have two, half empty lazy susans for tupperware or lunch kits, and one we use to store potatoes and a bag of rice. We have rid ourselves of many of the superfluous kitchen gadgets over the last year, but as part of my financial freedom plan, it would be terrific if we could remind ourselves not to bring any more in.

Unfortunately, we broke our 10-year-old microwave this week, tried to do without it for two days, then bought a new one on Saturday. While this broke my no shopping rule, I am going to  be generous with myself and call this day of bootcamp a draw.

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