day 16: kitchen gadgets (and other junk)

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by Janice on 03/06/2012

The good news is that I’m over 50% through bootcamp! The bad, that I am starting to hit areas ‘owned’ by other family members. The kitchen, is firmly the domain of MJP, even though our caregiver and I cook most of our day-to-day food. He really likes his gadgets and we have lots of kitchen storage space. Ultimately a bad combination for stash reduction.

One of the things that resonated for me in the bootcamp guide, was the difference between convenient space and available space.

“Available space means filling cabinets to the brim. Convenient space means being able to pull the blender out without moving 5 things out of the way.” ~ 30 Day Clutter Bootcamp

I like this concept because it helps me to apply laser focus on the worst offenders in the kitchen (for now). For us this means:

  • the 3 junk drawers I haven’t touched;
  • the kid’s craft cupboard (which takes up an entire section of our pantry);
  • the girls’s beading drawer
  • our ‘party’ shelves (where cupcake and cake themed papers and decorations live).
  • MJP’s collection of gadgets

Today, I only made it through the 3 junk drawers. I’m going to blame this on the BCTF strike, as it is pretty difficult to sort through things in the middle of the kitchen with 3 kids running around. Apparently junk drawers are particularly fascinating for 4 – 7 year olds. Nevertheless, I was able to cull one box full of unidentifiable hardware, bolts, screws, etc. (now in MJP’s man cave) and I found more change, the gate hardware, for baby gates I have already offered to someone, and some jewelery that I hadn’t located during my closet clean out. I’ll save the kitchen gadgets for tomorrow and the girls’ craft cupboard and beading drawer for Friday (when they will hopefully be back at school).

craft cupboard – saved for kid free day

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