day 27: little tykes graveyard

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by Janice on 05/06/2012

With the weather finally improving in Deep Cove, we had a marathon clean out all of the Little Tykes toys in our backyard and garage.

The girls have agreed that it is finally time for the playhouse, playset, car, sand and water table, and picnic table to go to families with children young enough to appreciate them. This is a major step for them. I am not sure they would have agreed if we hadn’t been reinforcing this downsizing of all things unnecessary over the last few months. Okay, and I bribed them with the fact that MJP would build them a proper playhouse this summer – we are using the funds from my clearance sale and should have enough leftover to set them up with new bikes too.

This week we have gotten rid of:

  • 16” Pink Disney Princess bike
  • 16” Disney fairy bike
  • 2 disney helmets
  • 2 Plastic Dora chairs
  • Little tykes playset
  • Step Two Play house
  • Little Tykes picnic table
  • Little Tykes sand and water table
  • Little Tykes pink car (foot powered)

Most of which we have found a new, local home for! One of the loveliest things about our home is that we live on the side of Mount Seymour. This becomes less lovely when you have to haul large, heavy, plastic toys up the side yard. Both of our over 40 year old bodies were complaining on Monday about this effort, however, I am loving how tidy our deck and yard now look. It’s also allowing us to clear the way for a spring garden clean up – much needed by the looks of this photo!


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