disney jackets (for bamboletta little buddies too)

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by Janice on 04/24/2013

During the last week of March, we surprised the girls with a ‘Mommy and me’ trip to Disneyland. MJP can never get away during March, so I decided it was time to see if I could survive a trip on my own with the girls.

In part, this was ticking a box, as we had not yet made it to either Disneyland or Disneyworld. We had resisted going for several years as we are more apt to vacation somewhere quiet, and hopefully, less commercial. The trip was also to distract them from dwelling on the recent departure of our nanny, who had been a part of our family for 4 years, but had decided to move forward with a change in career.

Keeping it a secret from them was extremely difficult for me, but I managed to wait until the Friday before our Monday departure. I wanted to emphasize that we were going there for experiences, not to collect more plastic toys, so decided to have the surprise ‘delivered’ by Bamboletta Little Buddy dolls – which they have been asking (harassing) me about for the past 6 months or so. That way they had a memento from the trip that was special, and fair trade!

I did reflect on the irony of putting anything Disney related onto a Waldorf inspired doll, and likely will horrify some with the combination. Oh well, we prefer a more moderate counterculture approach to our anti-commercialism.

The girls love Minnie the most, so I followed this helpful Minnie Mouse Applique Tutorial on the Dixie Mango blog. I then shrank the Minnie down to 35% of its original size, and simplified it into a Mickey for the Little Buddy jackets that I purchased with the dolls. I followed the tutorial fairly closely, but used a satin stitch for the applique and the full strength heat and bond for securing the appliques.

bamboletta jacket with applique

bamboletta jacket with applique placement

satin stitch applique

satin stitch applique

mickey little buddy jackets

mickey little buddy jackets

placement of minnie's head

placement of minnie’s head

disney 013

bow placement and satin stitch on head

disney 023

jackets for thing 2 and Peach

jackets for thing1 and cherry

jackets for thing1 and cherry

cherry modelling her jacket

cherry modelling her jacket

disney 032

peach modelling her jacket

jean jackets in action at Disney

jean jackets in action at disneyland

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