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by Janice on 11/08/2014

We took the girls to Disneyworld the first week in October. It was a once in a lifetime trip for us, as it’s bit aversive to get to Florida from Vancouver. We stayed at the new Four Seasons Orlando (which I would highly recommend) and the girls actually enjoyed the pool more than the parks. We just aren’t used to the mid day heat, even in October.

I had grandiose plans of making 4 new dresses for the trip, but was a bit derailed by a case of Shingles in September. Luckily, my shingles experience wasn’t too bad, and as an added bonus, the rash cleared up before I had to don a bathing suit in Florida! The only new dresses I was able to complete were roller skate dresses in Wee Wander fabric. They did however, wear their Marissa dresses for the Cirque du Soleil show La Nouba, and we used our kid’s messenger bags for the flights.

Coordinated with Minnie!

Perfectly Colour coordinated with Minnie

Mom was there too!

Mom was there too!

A’s Roller Skate Dress in Wee Wander Coral:

A's Roller Skate Dress

G’s Roller Skate Dress in Wee Wander Aqua:

G's Roller Skate Dress

Selfie in Marissa Dresses at Cirque du Soleil!

selfie in Marissa Dress

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