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their inner voice, a new year perspective

Today on Facebook, I came across the Peggy O’Mara quote “The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice”. My lovely girls are generally just that. However, with pre-teen hormones kicking in, I have noticed an increase in drama and volume in the way they speak to each other. My husband and I […]

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holiday fun

MJP is currently cursing Pinterest a bit, however, he was kind enough to indulge me and make this Christmas tree decoration for our wall this year! I love the results. The only challenge is that our Havanese adolescent puppy keeps pulling the ornaments off of the bottom branches. Getting the decorations up always helps the […]

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school photo holiday dresses

The girls are still letting me make their ‘fancy’ dresses to go see Santa in. I will be quite sad when they decide this has to end! We went back to an old favourite this year “School Photo Dress” by Oliver & S. I made it in the size 8, but the 10 in length. […]

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girls machine sewing party

My eldest turned 11 last week and we hosted a small machine sewing party for 6 of her friends. 4 of them take sewing classes at our LQS, Stitch and Bobbin, and the owner Stephanie, allowed me to borrow 2 of their machines for the party. The project we chose was Wooksy the owl, from […]

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knitting needle wall organizer

My craft room has needed an overhaul for a while now, and the knitting needles in particular, seem to get unruly very quickly. This fabric caught my eye a few years ago, originally purchased for a valence on the windows of my craft room. I purchased a metre of it, so had just enough to […]

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pjs for outdoor school

We have a wonderful option at our local public schools, where the children go to outdoor school for 3 days and 2 nights in grade 3, and 5 days and 4 nights in grade 6. Outdoor school “provides students and teachers the opportunity to explore and discover a wide range of natural connections in our […]

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